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training and development

Training in South Africa

Training in South Africa is a major part of our economy because of the countries history. South Africa has many unskilled labourers in the field therefore training these employees to reach their potential is a crucial element of today’s business. As soon as an employee becomes part of a organisation, the process of training and development must begin. The ...Full Article


Two main strategic choices emerge when managing talent. The first one refers to a drive towards recruitment, training and development, which Cunningham (2007 in Van Dijk, 2008) refers to ...Full Article

Local Learning Provides Global Opportunites

Knowing that one’s qualifications will provide local and international career opportunities is a key consideration for many of today’s students. With educational trends leaning towards global collaboration and application, ...Full Article

How Training in South Africa Helps in the Retention of Employees

Many organizations in South Africa are now realising the importance of retaining quality employees. Retaining quality employees adds to an increase in productivity and morale, while reducing the associated ...Full Article

Training in South Africa

The South African workplace is rapidly transforming due to changes in values systems, increased local and international competition, latest technologies, participative management and the forever changing socio-economic environment. The ...Full Article