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It is the role mangers and supervisors to actively participate in talent management programs for their subordinates. This goes a long way from engaging with the employees to find out their aspirations and developmental needs (Smith , 2007). The HR role would be to aid the process and provide support services for talent management programs, such as performance improvement, training and development. In addition HR would have to engage itself in a rigorous process of finding out the real talent issues.(Smith 2007.

Smith provide some insights in to how the Human Resource Management function could contract value adding talent management:
• harmonising processes and policies to provide consistency in how people are managed and developed across the organisation,
reorganising the HR function to separate administrative and transactional activities into shared services and higher value HR capabilities into centres of expertise,
up skilling the HR business partners who work directly with the business leaders to understand business requirements and support on all aspects of planning and the development of talent
For the easy translation of the strategic goals of the organisation, the leadership team of the organisation should develop the company objectives and the goals in a clear and simple manner, and for this case organisational functions including HR could engage in meaningful planning to achieve the company strategies (Farley, 2005).

In making the link between people and profits, Farley (2005: 57 ) asserts that eight fundamental business related questions should be asked, which are:

• How does your business really make money?
• How do people affect the business’s ability to make money (positively or negatively)?
• How is this different from your competitors?
• Who in the organization has a direct impact on revenue?
• What are the key things your organization can do to surpass competitors and increase profits?
• How do people support or hinder those things?
• What changes must your organization make to be successful in the future?
• What role do people play in these changes?

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