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The Function of The HR model in South Africa

The Function of The HR model in South Africa

March 30
07:56 2011

Organization and jobs

This function of the model deals with job analysis and design, individual roles, competencies of the individuals hired, organisational structural and units. The organisational structural and units gives a better understanding to who reports to whom. This is usually important in larger organisations when it comes to the relationship between the managers and their subordinates. HR Strategic Planning includes: prioritizing human resource initiatives; developing short- and long-term business plans; clarifying the HR vision, identity and brand; and building cross-unit synergies, partnerships and alignment. Goals are to: assure HR in South Africa is up to date, aligned with business goals and drives organizational success, identify and integrate the most critical initiatives with strategic and tactical action plans; and to clarify HR identity, roles and accountabilities.

Human resource processes

Human resources processes focus on the generally functions of human resource management. These functions are recruitment and staffing, training and development, performance appraisals, and compensation. When the organization has a particular vacancy, HR department will have to fulfill their duty of searching for the right candidate through the process of recruitment. Training will come as result of an individual lacking a particular skill to complete those given tasks or some individuals would like to go for further education which is referred to as individual development.

Culture and climate

Organizations have different norms, beliefs, values, organisational symbols and recognize their employee’s differently. Therefore it is the job of the human resources in South Africa to orient their new employees about the mentioned components. This would provide the new employees with better understanding of the organization and those that tend not to fit will automatically exist from the organization.

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