Human Resources South Africa

Definition of Conflict

Conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests. As part of human resources and human resources South Africa there will

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Online Psychometric Testing

Despite their being a growing support of applied research on using the internet for a select human resource management practices there have been few studies that have provided equivalence information

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Annual Leave in South Africa

Basic Conditions of Employment legislation requires that workers get a minimum of 21 consecutive days of annual leave in South Africa each year.  Employers can only pay workers instead of

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Basic Conditions of the Employment Act

SUMMARY TO BE KEPT BY AN EMPLOYER IN TERMS OF SECTION 30 The following is a summary of the provisions of the most important sections of the Basic Conditions of

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On-the-job Training Methods

On-the-job training occurs in the workplace while an employee is carrying out his duties. Trainees learn by doing; they learn continuously and over a long period of time. The reason for on-the-job training this is to allow employees to practise skills, make mistakes and learn from their mistakes under the guidance of an experienced, competent superior.

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Off The Job Training Methods

Off-the-job training methods consists of activities that occur while an employee is not working. The aim of this method is

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Person Analysis

Person analysis involves the determination of any lack of knowledge or skills that the individuals of an organisation possess. Particular

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Task and KSA Analysis

According to (Goldstein & Ford, p36) the important tasks and KSA’s identified, become the content of the training. In order

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Organisational Analysis

Organisational analysis involves analysing organisation wide performance criteria for example accidents and injuries, absenteeism, turnover, productivity quality labour and operating

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Interview Questions

When you apply for a job the most common technique in the selection process is the job interview. Job interviews

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