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Off The Job Training Methods

Off The Job Training Methods

September 16
15:55 2010

Technology-Based Systems

In recent years technology based systems have become the fastest growing means for delivering training methods. Technology-based systems include training methods by computer assisted instruction, web-based training and tele-training. The trainee is able to work at their own pace as the instruction are individualised to the specific user.

Case Study

This training method consists of a written description of an organisational problem. The case then requires trainees to identify and analyse specific problems; develop alternative courses of action; and recommend the best alternative. The primary purpose of case studies is to enhance problem solving skills. This is achieved by allowing participants to define problems, generate ideas and decide on optimal solutions. When working in groups participants will also gain insight into group dynamics and group decision making processes.

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre is a training method primarily used for managerial training. It requires managers to participate in activities designed to identify strengths and weaknesses. In recent times there has been an increase in assessment centres as a developmental tool for existing managers.

In-Basket Exercise

This training method  allows the applicant to play the role of a manager who must then decide how to respond to a specific number of memos within a certain period of time. Normally a panel of two or three trained judges observe the trainee’s decisions and they must assess the trainee’s interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills. For this reason this training method is normally part of an assessment center programme.

Management Games

This training method is  a development of the in-basket and role-play methods. Trainees will play various roles in an imaginary business situation over a period of time. A business game will normally involve two or more hypothetical organisations competing against each other in a given product market. Participants are assigned roles of managing director and marketing manager etc. They are then required to make decisions that are manipulated in a computer, in order to give results as in an actual business situation. The participants will then be able to see how their decisions affected the other groups, and vice versa.

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