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Off The Job Training Methods

Off The Job Training Methods

September 16
15:55 2010

Off-the-job training methods consists of activities that occur while an employee is not working. The aim of this method is to provide trainees with training methods that they can later use in their work environment. The following are training methods that can be used to train employees outside of the workplace.

Presentations and Lectures

Presentations and lectures can be seen as imparting a large amount of information to many people. The purpose of this training method can be seen as delivering findings to an audience. It is usually done classroom style as part of a one-way communication with the lecturer talking to the learners. Lectures do not impart practical skills that a trainee might get from a more interactive training environment. It is however the most cost-effective training method for large audiences.

Role Playing

One of the most effective training methods is role playing; especially adults who are being trained to enhance their skills. This technique creates a number of benefits for employees, managers and support people. Role playing allows a group of employees to act out potential work scenarios. A role playing training session would consist of a trainer setting up a scenario where participants are assigned different roles. These roles will identify with situations that the participants will find themselves in, when they undertake their work in the field. Role playing therefore allows participants opportunities to act out various roles that may occur in the workplace. By playing out this training method, role playing will open communication and gives confidence to those participating in the scenarios.

Conference / Discussion

Discussions are conducted according to an organised plan that allows the trainer to develop knowledge and understanding by obtaining verbal participation from all the trainees. This training method will be achieved by the collective ideas contributed by the various participants. Therefore one trainee learns from another in this training method. This training method can be used to modify attitudes as trainees participate in obtaining solutions and reaching conclusions from various points of views.

Simulation Training

Using an exact reproduction of the work setting trainees are tested to see how they cope under a replicated work environment. This training method will teach trainees to use some type of machine or processes the trainee will use on the job. Simulation training has successfully been used in retail sales, bank tellers, machine operators and aircraft pilots.

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