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21st Century HR: An Integrated Model To Achieve Organisation Objectives

AUTHORS Dr. G. Little Prof. PS Nel 22nd Annual ANZAM Conference held at Auckland New Zealand 2-5 December 2008 ABSTRACT Human performance as a strategic driver of organisational results has been debated in theory and practice for decades as evident from numerous published works, with the debate establishing that there is no model directly linking staff actions to organisational ...Full Article

South Africa urged to boost leadership skills for BRIC

South Africa’s ascension to the BRIC group of major emerging economies will demand greater leadership in South Africa and management skills for it to keep pace with its partners, ...Full Article


Introduction to Leadership Today’s leaders in organizations face two tasks: first, to develop and communicate exactly what the organization is trying to accomplish and secondly to create an environment ...Full Article

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles Traditionally the following leadership styles have been the most popular: Dictator Leadership – In this leadership style the leader has absolute power and authority over their subordinates. ...Full Article