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Labour Legislations

UIF South Africa Chapter 3 Claiming Benefits, Part C: Illness Benefits

19. Determination of period of illness under this Part (1) For purposes of this Part, the period of illness must be determined from the date the contributor ceases to work as a result of the illness. (2) Subsection (1) applies with the necessary changes in respect of the determination of the periods of maternity and adoption benefits contemplated in ...Full Article

UIF South Africa Chapter 3 Claiming benefits: Part B: Unemployment benefits

15. Calculation of period of unemployment under this Part (1) For purposes of this Part, any period of unemployment must be calculated from the date of unemployment. (2) The ...Full Article

UIF South Africa Chapter 3 Claiming benefits: Part A: Right to Benefits

Chapter 3: Claiming benefits Part A : Right to benefits 12. Right to benefits (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, a contributor or a dependant, as the ...Full Article

What is Collective Bargaining?

The history collective bargaining culminates from trade Union activities in the early stages of the emergency of capitalist. “Great Britain was the starting point of the labour union movement ...Full Article

UIF South Africa Chapter 2: Unemployment Insurance Fund

4. Establishment of Unemployment Insurance Fund (1) The Unemployment Insurance Fund is hereby established. (2) The Fund consists of— (a) the contributions made by employers and employees and collected ...Full Article

UIF South Africa Chapter 1: Introductory provisions

Chapter 1: Introductory Provisions of UIF 1. Definitions (1) In this Act unless the context indicates otherwise— “actuary” means a person appointed in terms of section 9(1); “agent” means ...Full Article


The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) is an independent, juristic body that helps to resolve disputes and offers advice and training on labour relations. The Commission for ...Full Article

Basic Guide to Affirmative Action in South Africa

Affirmative action in South Africa refers to policies that take factors including “race, colour, religion, sex or national origin” into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group, usually ...Full Article

UIF for domestic workers in South Africa

If you employ a domestic worker in South Africa for 24 hours or more a month, you are required by law to register your employee with the Unemployment Insurance ...Full Article

Maternity Leave in South Africa

Pregnant women may take 4 months of maternity leave in South Africa, starting 1 month before their due date. Application The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies to all ...Full Article