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Conflict Resolution

Make use of the following tips to resolve conflict at work: Choose your battles. How important is the dispute really? Does it truly affect you, and is it a chronic

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Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is a specific type of conflict that occurs in workplaces. The conflicts that arise in workplaces may be shaped by the unique aspects of this environment, including the

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Definition of Conflict

Conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests. As part of human resources and human resources South Africa there will

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Annual Leave in South Africa

Basic Conditions of Employment legislation requires that workers get a minimum of 21 consecutive days of annual leave in South Africa each year.  Employers can only pay workers instead of

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Basic Conditions of the Employment Act

SUMMARY TO BE KEPT BY AN EMPLOYER IN TERMS OF SECTION 30 The following is a summary of the provisions

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What Are Your Rights in South Africa: Domestic Worker Sector

On 1 September 2002, the Sectoral Determination 7: Domestic Worker Sector became effective. The Sectoral Determination applies to the employment of all domestic workers in the Republic of South Africa and established conditions of employment and minimum wages for employees in the Domestic Worker Sector.

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