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Job Interviewing Tips

Job Interviewing Tips

June 20
08:38 2012

If a question arises that is not familiar to you, do not make something up or change the subject. Rather, tell them that’s a good question but you do not have an answer for the time being, but are eager to gain the knowledge. Your potential employer will respect your honesty and readiness to learn new things.

Aside from verbal communication, it is also important to acknowledge your body language. Making eye contact is crucial. If you fail to look the interviewer in the eyes while they are speaking they will think you are disinterested; if you fail to look them in the eyes while you are speaking, they will think you are nervous of fabricating your answers. Try not to fiddle around with your hands too much, or you will appear nervous. A more affective way to use your hands is with slight gestures to evoke enthusiasm for what you are talking about. While it is common knowledge to sit up straight and observe good posture, you don’t want to seem uneasy. Try to sit back in your chair with your head held high so the interviewer will know you are self-assured as well as attentive to what he or she is talking about. Try practicing your body language in a mirror or with a video camera.


Let’s face it, we all know that the visual impression is the first impression you make when meeting someone face to face for the first time. That’s why it is essential to dress the part. When interview for a job, it is important to dress the way that you would if you had the job. If you don’t know what the attire is, ask when you are setting up the interview or dress slightly more formal than you think you might need to. Wear clothes that are freshly washed and ironed. Along with the clothing, make sure you are up on your grooming: Comb your hair, clean your fingernails, and be sure to brush your teeth before you go to your interview. Try to avoid overdoing perfume or cologne, too much make-up, and excessive jewelry.

Arrive Early

Getting to your interview early does not only make you look good in the eyes of the employer, but it will also make the interview process that much easier. Trust us, there is nothing more stressful, than arriving late to an interview. Not only are you worried about what the interviewer might think, you are more likely to forget most of what you’ve practiced because you are so overwhelmed with being tardy. When you arrive 10-15 minutes early you have time to look over any last minute notes, use the restroom, and most importantly, take deep breathes. Nothing throws up the red flag quicker to a potential employer than an applicant showing up late to an interview.

Proper Introduction

As intimidating as this may sound, you are under observation from the very first moment you meet the interviewer. In order to make a proper introduction, make direct eye contact, extend a firm but nonabrasive handshake, smile with enthusiasm, and let them know your name and what a pleasure it is to meet them. These might seem like obvious and mundane gestures, but all potential employers will be examining your interpersonal skills by how you introduce yourself.

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