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Job Interviewing Tips

Job Interviewing Tips

June 20
08:38 2012

Research: Getting to know yourself

Because you have taken the time to research the company and learn what it has to offer, you can now deduce what they might want in their employees and incorporate your paralleled capabilities in to the interview. Rather than thinking of yourself as an anxious job seeker on an interview, think of yourself as a sales person, selling your skills and ability. Review your resume a few times before your interview. Consider each piece of experience you have listed and the skills that were required. Did you gain collaboration skills working at a restaurant or leadership skills as president of a club or organization? Whatever the case may be, chose appropriately for each position you are interviewing for and utilize those skills in your “selling points”. This not only provides you with conversation pieces but you will also find that knowing more about yourself as a potential employee will give you more confidence.

Also keep in mind the skills or assets that you have acquired in everyday life. For instance, most companies are looking for determination in their employees, so if the moment arises to tell them that you finished 3rd in the city marathon after months of training, take it. Even though it is not necessarily related to the work, it will make a good impression on your potential employer. To avoid sounding arrogant, express your experiences as learning tools and your skills as a gift. The tricky part is trying not to create so much to talk about that you dominate the conversation. It’s better to give a shorter answer that’s direct and to the point, than to babble on for several minutes in a disorderly fashion. It is always best to follow the interviewers lead. This brings us to the importance to practicing…


Doing research and knowing your “sales pitch” will definitely help you interview with greater success, but there is truly no substitute for actually rehearsing for the interview. Ask a family member or friend to act as the interviewer, providing them with a list of questions to ask you. While you might feel funny doing this, just remember that it will be even harder to interview with a stranger, so practicing can only help ease the process. Before you sit in the hot seat, make sure you have an idea of how you would like to answer the questions you have selected. Even having a notion as to how you will respond will build more confidence and impress the interviewer.

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