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Job Interviewing – Do’s and Dont’s – Before, During and After an Interview

Job Interviewing – Do’s and Dont’s – Before, During and After an Interview

May 29
08:29 2012
  • Do have an action plan in place based on a strong, well-thought out interview follow-up strategy. This can give you a huge competitive advantage over others who interviewed for the job and don’t follow-up. Don’t let this be a haphazard activity with no structure; just a letter here, a call there. There’s no better way to lose an opportunity than to give follow-up little importance. And there’s no better tool to use to reinforce the benefits you can bring a company than recognizing and using the real value of follow-up.
  • Do write thank you letters within 24 hours to each person who interviewed you to continue to show your interest and enthusiasm for the company and job, without sounding desperate. Don’t fail to send a thank you, even if the job is not a good fit for you.
  • Do focus on the content of the thank you letters, not so much on whether it’s hand-written or typed. Show appreciation for the company’s interest in you and remind those receiving your thank you letter why you are the uniquely qualified candidate for the position. Don’t send the thank you letter through the incorrect medium, however; make sure you know the best way to reach those interviewers – regular mail, email, fax, a phone call., etc. And don’t have any errors in your thank you notes.
  • Do alert your references, if you haven’t already, that they may receive a call from your prospective employer. Don’t forget to brief them on what was said – by you and the interviewers – during the interview.
  • Do continue to follow-up, especially if requested by interviewer(s). Don’t go overboard however. There’s a huge difference between a squeaky wheel getting the oil, and an annoying pest getting the flyswatter.
  • Do be patient. You must work with the company’s timeline. Don’t however, stop your job search – even if you’re confident you’ll get the job. Continue to seek out other opportunities and interview. This can benefit you in at least two ways: a. Should you get the job, you can leverage other offers in your job offer negotiations b. Should you not get the job, you’ll have other opportunities to pursue
  • Do turn a negative situation (not getting the job) into a positive (getting a referral). Add the interviewers to your job search network. Nurture this budding relationship so that you can ask them to refer you to other contacts. Don’t, in other words, ever burn any of the bridges you build in your job search. Always think of ways to use them – and to reciprocate. Doing so, can benefit you now and in the future – for any other job search needs as well as growing your career.
  • There you have it, the top Do’s and Don’ts for acing your interview.

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