Human Resources South Africa

Importance of HR jobs in South Africa

Importance of HR jobs in South Africa

Importance of HR jobs in South Africa
April 25
14:18 2011

The Changing Role of HR Jobs in South Africa

The role of the HR jobs in South Africa is changing. In the past, HR managers were often viewed as the systematic and an extension of the executive management. Their role was more closely aligned with personnel and administration functions that were viewed by the organization as paperwork and admin. When you consider that the initial HR function, in many companies, comes out of the administration or finance department because hiring employees, paying employees, and dealing with benefits were the organization’s first HR needs, this is not surprising.

In this role, the HR professional served executive agendas well, but was frequently viewed as a road block by much of the rest of the organization. While some need for this role occasionally remains — you wouldn’t want every manager putting his own spin on a sexual harassment policy, as an example — much of the HR role is transforming itself.

New Role of HR Jobs in South Africa

The role of the HR manager must parallel the needs of the changing organization to one that is current to the demands of current business. Successful organizations are becoming more adaptable, resilient, quick to change direction, and customer-centered. Within this environment, the HR professional, who is considered necessary by line managers, is a strategic partner, an employee sponsor or advocate and a change mentor for the organisation. At the same time, especially the HR Generalist, still has responsibility for employee benefits administration, often payroll, and employee paperwork, especially in the absence of an HR Assistant.

Depending on the size of the organization, the HR manager has responsibility for all of the functions that deal with the requirements and actions of the organization’s employees including these areas of accountability. Unsurprisingly, for such a dynamic discipline, HR jobs in South Africa is on the move and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of these changes. Many firms are choosing to outsource parts of their HR department, though there is some fear at outsourcing such a core function. Several large businesses are leading the way, however, and have already chosen this option. Though business practices and outlooks certainly change over time, the importance of the human resources function shows no sign of diminishing. In an environment where talented people are seen as the key to success in business, their successful management and retention will always be a top priority. The HR department can only support the best employees if it is filled with quality people itself.

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