Human Resources South Africa

Human Resources South Africa

Human Resources South Africa

November 07
11:32 2010

The Objectives of Human Resources South Africa

The three general human resources management objectives are accepted as:

Objective 1: To establish the belief that the human resources of an organisation consists of unique individuals who can make a meaningful impact on the success of the organisation.

Objective 2: Establising how employees and organizations can adapt to each other to the advantage of both parties.

Objective 3: The support by human resources managers in South Africa of other line and staff managers in the execution of their tasks related to human resources management and the management of people.

Influences of Human Resources South Africa

Human Resources South Africa form part of the throughput process of an organisation. In the job content environment, human resources exert a direct influence on the nature of jobs, the utilisation and development of workers, and on management. In the job context environment, human resources South Africa has an influence on the management philosophy, interpersonal and intergroup relations as well as organisational culture. In the external environment, human resources are directly influenced by the national human resources policy, technology, level of education, economic conditions and labour market conditions.

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