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Employee and Recruitment

HR Jobs in South Africa

HR Jobs in South Africa Every organisation in South Africa is different and so is the way they handle their HR responsibilities. Various roles exist for HR jobs in South Africa, from generalist roles to specialist positions. Depending on what level HR in South Africa needs from the organisation, there are many different functions, depending on the organisation’s size ...Full Article

How to ask for a salary increase

So you have been in the job for some time and during that period your productivity has increased ten fold, and on top of that you have started doing ...Full Article

HR in South Africa

HR is the acronym for human resources. HR in South Africa is the element within a company which deals with the personal aspects/needs of workers. It is also the ...Full Article


Introduction to Leadership Today’s leaders in organizations face two tasks: first, to develop and communicate exactly what the organization is trying to accomplish and secondly to create an environment ...Full Article

Managing Diversity

What is Diversity Diversity in the workplace can be generally defined as recognition of the groups of people who share common traits. People are generally grouped together by initial ...Full Article

How the labour laws were amended in South Africa

How the labour laws will be amended Department of Labour 20 December 2010 Changes aimed at halting trend towards casualisation Media briefing on the Bills Amending the Labour Relations ...Full Article

Amendents to Labour Legislation in South Africa

Amendments to Labour Legislation – Temporary Employees By Jan Du Toit As most employers are aware by now, the Department of Labour published proposed amendments to labour legislation and ...Full Article

Leadership and Management

The design of an organization specifies how goals are subdivided and reflected in subdivisions of the leadership and management in organizations. Divisions, departments, sections, positions, jobs and tasks make ...Full Article

Code of Good Practise on Dismissals

1 Introduction (1) This code of good practice deals with some of the key aspects of unfair dismissals in South Africa for reasons related to conduct and capacity. It ...Full Article

Code of Good Practise on Sexual Harassment

1 Introduction (1) The objective of this code is to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. (2) This code provides appropriate procedures to deal with the problem and prevent ...Full Article