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Employee and Recruitment

Recruitment Meets Communication

Recruiters under the limelight Puseletso Mompei In the process of recruitment, there tends to be a belief that the spotlights sit firmly above the prospective employee. Along with their credentials and experience, their communications skills are up for scrutiny. Their written and verbal skills are critiqued, and their appearance and body language are analyzed to see if they are ...Full Article

Recruitment Outsourcing Strengthens Overall Value of HR

Ron LeVan, Director of Client Services Advantage Human Resourcing • While today’s weakened economy has increased the number of active jobseekers, recruiting is no less challenging now than ...Full Article

The Aims and Challenges of Recruitment in South Africa

The aim and challenges of recruitment in South Africa is to put the right person, at the right place, at the right time in the organisation. By doing this ...Full Article

Importance of Recruitment Agencies and HR in South Africa

One of the greatest challenges to a business can be recruiting the right people to enable the organisation to grow in South Africa. Both from a cost and time ...Full Article

Advantages of HR in South Africa

Over the past couple of decades HR in South Africa has gone through drastic changes in the way that companies view the strategic vision for the future. In the ...Full Article

Basic Guide to Affirmative Action in South Africa

Affirmative action in South Africa refers to policies that take factors including “race, colour, religion, sex or national origin” into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group, usually ...Full Article

Job Interviews in South Africa

When preparing for a job interview in South Africa, it is important that the following points are taken into consideration. 1) Analysis of the position’s requirements, 2) self-assessing one’s ...Full Article

HR Policies in South Africa

HR policies in South Africa are systems of written decisions established by the organisations in order to support administrative personnel function, performance management, employee relations and HR planning. Every ...Full Article

UIF for domestic workers in South Africa

If you employ a domestic worker in South Africa for 24 hours or more a month, you are required by law to register your employee with the Unemployment Insurance ...Full Article

Recruitment in South Africa

Recruitment in South Africa can be defined as the activities or practices that define the characteristics of applicants to whom selection procedures are ultimately applied. The recruitment and selection ...Full Article