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Emerging HR Practices

The Role of Human Resource Management in South Africa

Human resources management in South Africa role is gradually changing in today’s organizations and this requires professionals to get well equipped with the challenging role in a complex environment. The complex environment is characterized with uncertainty in the world markets, as organizations today are affected with globalization. The HR role in the past was administrative, but today in South ...Full Article

The Function of The HR model in South Africa

Introduction The practices of human resources begin with the alignment of human resources objectives to the business objectives. This would allow human resource managers and the organisation to be ...Full Article

Elements of Change Management of HR in South Africa

Innovation is a new idea applied to initiating or improving a product, process, or service. So all innovations involve change, but not all changes necessarily involve new ideas or ...Full Article

Learn How Leadership Development Will Make You Successfull

Leadership Development is any process that we do in a structured and repetitive practice in order to enhance or develop leadership skills and traits. The overall purpose is to ...Full Article

Importance of Recruitment Agencies and HR in South Africa

One of the greatest challenges to a business can be recruiting the right people to enable the organisation to grow in South Africa. Both from a cost and time ...Full Article

Advantages of HR in South Africa

Over the past couple of decades HR in South Africa has gone through drastic changes in the way that companies view the strategic vision for the future. In the ...Full Article

Best HR Metrics

by Dr. John Sullivan Jul 26, 2004 As a recognized expert in the area of HR metrics, I’ve had the opportunity to advise numerous large firms on what HR metrics they ...Full Article


Introduction to Leadership Today’s leaders in organizations face two tasks: first, to develop and communicate exactly what the organization is trying to accomplish and secondly to create an environment ...Full Article

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles Traditionally the following leadership styles have been the most popular: Dictator Leadership – In this leadership style the leader has absolute power and authority over their subordinates. ...Full Article

Leadership and Management

The design of an organization specifies how goals are subdivided and reflected in subdivisions of the leadership and management in organizations. Divisions, departments, sections, positions, jobs and tasks make ...Full Article