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Emerging HR Practices


In traditional organisations back from the 1950s, talent was developed from within an organisation, as senior employees were availed the opportunity to apply for highly ranked positions. Only those individuals who could not advance to the higher hierarchies of an organisation because of a glass ceiling could be interested leaving and joining other organisations. Further in the 1990s, organisations ...Full Article

Performance Management: A Tool for Strategy Execution

Performance management is considered to be a key factor for organisations. This is simply because an organisation that it is considered to be “unwell” is regarded to have no ...Full Article


Two main strategic choices emerge when managing talent. The first one refers to a drive towards recruitment, training and development, which Cunningham (2007 in Van Dijk, 2008) refers to ...Full Article

Talent Management

The business world is characterised by an emerging form of a psychological contract, an emphasis on the satisfaction of the customer, the presence of advanced technology, and changes in ...Full Article

Advancing Impact and Status of HR

Applying technology that ensures HR the driver of strategy IPM 55th Annual Conference October 31 2011. Resourcing the future- positioning Africa for success Dr Graham Little PhD MIoD MHRINZ ...Full Article

HR on Social Media

Harnessing it internally Sam Ford, Director of Digital Strategy Peppercom Strategic Communications Effectively managing human resources across international borders has always been a critical challenge. Today, social media provides ...Full Article

21st Century HR: An Integrated Model To Achieve Organisation Objectives

AUTHORS Dr. G. Little Prof. PS Nel 22nd Annual ANZAM Conference held at Auckland New Zealand 2-5 December 2008 ABSTRACT Human performance as a strategic driver of organisational results ...Full Article

Expanding the Scope of SHRM and HR in South Africa

Introduction When HR in South Africa activities emphasized managing employees to perform specific tasks and behave in a certain ways, the focus was on relationships and actions taking place ...Full Article

Top issues for people with HR jobs in South Africa

Top employment issues for 2011 Overview of 2010: A Sad Year for HR Jobs For most people working in HR jobs, 2010 wasn’t the best of years for business. ...Full Article

Importance of HR jobs in South Africa

Market Overview of HR Jobs in South Africa A company’s strength is built on the quality of its employees in South Africa. As such, HR is playing an increasingly ...Full Article