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Emerging HR Practices

Social media and Productivity, challenges and opportunities – Puseletso Mompei

It seems almost instinctive to think that employees who spend time on Social media platforms will have reduced productivity. After all, how does chatting with friends on facebook, sending tweets and browsing through Pinterest contribute to the company’s bottom line? The truth is that depending on who is using a specific platform, how they are using it and how ...Full Article

Measuring the Success of Your Training and Development Programmes With 360 Degree Feedback

Measuring the Success of Your Training and Development Programmes With 360 Degree Feedback By Jo Ayoubi The Holy Grail of the learning and development profession is being able to ...Full Article

The private/public debate and social media

Written by: Puseletso Mompei Before smart phones, laptops and the internet, everyone would go home at the end of the day, retreat to their private lives and only connect ...Full Article

Heading for the corner office – Use “question time” to your advantage

Despite a high demand for highly skilled executives across the board and a consistent push by many organisations to attract seasoned professionals, many of these would be executives rule ...Full Article

Attraction and Retention Strategies Through Talent Management

When hiring new employees, the core competencies measured against are the behavioural attitudes of the employee that are further measured against the strategy. It is argued that its is ...Full Article


Talent management is a HR role that involves functions such as recruitment, competency management, learning and development, performance management, compensation and career and succession planning. For companies that take ...Full Article

How can Training in South Africa help in the Retention of Employees

Many organizations in South Africa are now realising the importance of retaining quality employees. Retaining quality employees adds to an increase in productivity and morale, while reducing the associated ...Full Article

An Approach to Performance Management

Performance management is considered to be a key factor for organisations. This is simply because  an organisation that it is considered to be “unwell” is regarded to have no ...Full Article

Training in South Africa

Training in South Africa is a major part of our economy because of the countries history. South Africa has many unskilled labourers in the field therefore training these employees ...Full Article


Talent management strategies tend to be complimented by BBBE and skills development initiatives. Because the South African legislation requires companies to leave a certain percentage of key managerial posts ...Full Article