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Emerging HR Practices


What is a Learnership? A Learnership is a work-based approach for people around to South Africa to gain practical work experience as part of a structured learning programme in the work place. The aim is for the Learners to gain a nationally recognised qualification directly related to the occupation that they are pursuing. Criteria, as set out in the ...Full Article

Resilient leadership: Don’t just empower – emancipate!

By Frew Murdoch I’ve had many managers in my time and these individuals have had very different managerial styles. It goes without saying that the people who’ve led me ...Full Article

What would make your employees’ souls smile?

Brett Shuttleworth has done it all: he’s kept company with some of the most glamorous people in the world as a model for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Versace ...Full Article

What does the law say about traditional healers?

For many years, traditional healers have been looked at very sceptically by many of those who do not visit these practitioners for health-related ailments. However, recent cases which have ...Full Article


Top private education experts have found a good way to improve the employment prospects of new graduates by focusing specifically on what employers want, over and above the skills ...Full Article

Top HR Execs say Learning goes Online

LONDON — More than 55 senior HR professionals from organisations including Barnados, Deloitte, BT, LloydsTSB, O2 and Prudential all recently took part in a live poll during an event ...Full Article

Modern Human Resource Management Tips

Modern Human Resource Management Tips By Ali Asadii It has long been realized that the workers and staff in any organization are central to its success. As portrayed by ...Full Article

The Importance of Human Resource Management

The Importance of Human Resource Management By Artur Victoria Human resource management involves a good leader, a healthy work environment, and a good job to produce a motivated employee. ...Full Article

Developing International Talent

Louise O’Grady, VP, Global Services FGI; tel 1.905.886.2157 • Most economists expect that the current sluggish economy, particularly in the U.S., will show continued signs of improvement in ...Full Article

Hiring for Social Media roles – Puseletso Mompei

Finding the perfect fit for social media roles ranging from executives such as Social Media Directors, to more junior positions such as Content Creators, Customer Service Representatives or Bloggers ...Full Article