Human Resources South Africa

HR Jobs in South Africa

HR Jobs in South Africa

February 06
11:57 2011

Employee relations
Employees who work in HR South Africa as part of employee relation have many responsibilities and they must help develop an effective working relationship throughout the organisation. They will look to create a trust-based culture that drives long-term performance throughout the organisation. To do this, you need a good understanding of what drives your organisation’s strategy, goals and performance in the South African company. You’ll also need to understand the business and how people management drives organisation performance. A big part of HR South Africa is being able to manage the organisation’s relationship with its trade unions and managing workplace conflict. A commitment to diversity and ensuring fairness in the workplace is an important part of employee relations in South Africa.

Employee engagement
Employee engagement has the same responsibilities for areas such as the employer ‘brand’ and internal communication. It also forms an important part of today’s employee relations roles which was described above. To put it simply, it is about understanding what motivates the workers to put in that extra effort for organisational performance. An ability to measure and interpret information about employees is very important. Measuring information can include developing and conducting surveys to measure the attitudes of the employees about the organisation. You will then have to interpret this information in order to understand the company values or the trust that the employees have in management. Through this information the employment engagement officer must use this information to make connections with the employees and share insights with management teams to drive organisational performance. The analysis and advice of the HR person here would be vital to build a successful organisation and allows the employees to perform on organisational objectives.

Performance and Reward
A big part of HR in South Africa is about ensuring people skills, behaviours, values, attitudes and contribution to organisational success are being rewarded and recognised to the best of the organisational ability. You’ll be involved in a wide range of reward activities such as establishing salary levels and allowances and managing pay incentives. You may create incentive and recognition schemes, establish the case for employee benefits, and manage the benefit package and evaluate its effectiveness. This is all part of the organisation’s aim to create and sustain a high-performance culture as well as educating employees and line managers about the reward strategy. With issues on your agenda as important as pensions and bonuses, you will also be involved in facilitating senior management discussion around the role of reward.


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