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How to Be Prepared For All Types of Job Interviews

How to Be Prepared For All Types of Job Interviews

June 08
08:25 2012

o Show up on time

Never arrive earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled start of your interview. Anything earlier than 10 minutes is a giveaway that you’ve too much time on your hands. Act as though your time is as valuable as theirs.

Never, ever, arrive late for an interview. Anticipate traffic delays or a flat tire. If an emergency causes you to be late telephone the company, explain your predicament, remind them you appreciate how valuable their time is, and inquire if they desire to proceed with the interview or reschedule.

o Be polite to the Receptionist

The Receptionist often is the first person you will meet at the company, and will be the first person for which a good impression should be made. Be polite, and not overly talkative. The Receptionist has the power to present you to the interviewer in a positive or negative light. Never underestimate the power of the receptionist.

o Pay, Benefits, and Vacation time

Never discuss pay, benefits, or vacation time during the initial interview. This meeting is to determine if you are a candidate for the position and if the employer is a candidate for you. Your objective is to receive an offer of employment.

A second interview is the time to discuss pay, benefits, and vacations. At this point you are assured that your experience and skills are valuable to the employer, and discussions about pay and benefits can be presented.

o Prepare for the interview

Find out how people at the particular company are attired. Dress the part. Dress as if you could start work right now.

Anticipate which questions the interviewer may present. Be prepared to answer any question that might be presented.

Prepare questions for the interviewer as it relates to the position and the company. Consider asking questions to which you already know the answers. Ask questions that are out of the ordinary. If the company has been involved in a large project, make an inquiry. This signals the interviewer that you’ve done your research and genuinely are interested in the position and not looking for just another “job”.

o Certain questions you might consider asking:

o What are the company’s plans for the next five years, and how does this position contribute to achieving those objectives?

o How will my performance be measured, and how often?

o What are the day-to-day core responsibilities for this position?

o Can you describe the company’s management style and culture?

You want to be armed with from 5-10 solid questions… ask questions that otherwise you couldn’t find answers to on the Internet.

Don’t ask:

o What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition?

You should prepare, in advance, to identify what those strengths and weaknesses are, and how your skills and experience will contribute.

Remember; demonstrate to the interviewer that you’ve done your homework, that you have the initiative to seek out answers.

o Communication styles:

o Everyone has a different communication style. Focus on how the interviewer communicates, and mirror his approach.

o If the interviewer seems all business, don’t shake things up by telling jokes or anecdotes. Be succinct and businesslike.

o If the interviewer is personable, respond in kind. Identify common interests. Scan his/her office for items that might be a topic for conversation. Keep it short, and not too personal.

o Respond to direct questions directly. Consider following up on a question by inquiring if your answer was sufficient or if it requires further elaboration.

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