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How can Training in South Africa help in the Retention of Employees

How can Training in South Africa help in the Retention of Employees

March 24
11:03 2012

How and Why Employee Development Increases Retention

Building a winning development culture and fostering employee retention does not come from simply giving speeches, reading the latest book on management or attending an inspirational seminar. Developing an involved, effective, highly committed employee requires planning, commitment, and a variety of interventions and strategies that:
-Build continued confidence for employee challenges
-Improve skills in managing people
-Help employees become more aware of their impact on others

-Increase the motivation and ability to set and achieve organizational and personal goals

-Stimulate continuing skill development and career growth through self-directed and organization sponsored training
-Unleash the synergy of a collaborative team effort

It is not surprising that according to a survey conducted by the American Management Association (AMA), employee development issues were of top importance for employees and helped to improve retention. Eric Rolfe Greenberg, AMA’s Director of Management Studies says, “Investing in employees future is more important than immediate compensation. Programs that improve work skills and future career development are seen as particularly effective.”

The survey found the top employee development techniques used by organizations and the proportion of businesses using them as their retention strategy:

Employee Development Issues Used in Companies (%)
External conferences/seminars: 78.1
Tuition reimbursement 67.3
Managerial training 66.8
Company support for degree 62.2
Interpersonal skills training 56.8
Technical training 54.5
Employability training 35.2

Findings from the EQW National Employer Survey show that a 10% increase in employee development resulted in about 8.6% gain in productivity on an average. At the same time, a 10% addition in equipment value increased productivity only by 3.4%.

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