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How can Training in South Africa help in the Retention of Employees

How can Training in South Africa help in the Retention of Employees

March 24
11:03 2012

Learn the approaches that will guarantee a return on your investment and by doing so ensuring employee loyalty. Organizations are increasingly asking for monetary justification that the training provided produces results – be prepared to demonstrate your results. These results can be demonstrated by the return on investment that training has achieved.

In looking at properties and organizations that have high levels of retention, there are three keys areas they targeted for their training resources:
• Develop and implement a successful new employee orientation programme. According to John Sullivan, from San Francisco State University, a world-class program has several key elements: it makes the first day a celebration, involves family as well as co-workers and makes new hires productive on the first day.

• Have an end picture in mind. When describing the results required by an organisation it is best to state the end results before you begin a task of achieving it. The same should be done with employees training needs. Rather than waiting for employees to design a career development plan, organisations need to be developing career paths during new hire orientation, and then provide the specific training to achieve those goals. This is the only way we can be sure they know the options that lie in front of them and that the organisation is being open and direct to employees.

• Retain Your Staff: Train Your Managers – The number one reason people cite for leaving an organisation is that they found their boss’s approach to leadership wanting. The average employee in industry gets almost all of their information and coaching from front-line managers and supervisors in day-to-day operations. Research also reveals that both the emotional outlook and the skilful actions of managers contribute to employee turnover. But how come it is these managers that receive the least amount of training in South Africa.

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