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How can psychometric testing be useful to us in industry?

How can psychometric testing be useful to us in industry?

November 09
14:35 2010
  • Aptitude tests

These types of psychometric tests analyse the potential that an individual possesses in order to complete specific tasks. The type of tests that they may complete includes verbal reasoning and numerical aptitude tests.

  • Knowledge tests

Knowledge test are psychometrics test that give away an indication of an individuals overall analysis of their mental ability and assess a person’s knowledge on a particular item. These tests do not attempt to access the potential of an individual’s future but rather to inform the interviewer where that person knowledge is at the time of the test.

  • Integrity tests

There has been a lot of recent work on the efficiency of integrity tests and is becoming more common in organisations due to the attention that the tests have been given. The term ‘integrity’ is a compressed word of many factors including honesty, trustworthiness, contentiousness and reliability. Together with the primary test scale many other test publishers include other scales that have been shown interest such as customer service orientation and violence tendencies. A number of countries have challenged these tests due to the infringement of human rights, but apart from this the popularity of these tests are increasing in industry.

With all the psychometric tests that an organisation has at its disposal a person can see why that they play such an important role in the selection process. Psychometric testing, offers organisations a way of discriminating between large amounts of applicants in a rather rapid and often cost-effective manner. Even more the power in using psychometric assessment in predicting future successful job performance is among the highest of any selection tool.

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  1. Oliver Savill
    Oliver Savill November 23, 17:19

    I can see why psychometric testing is so popular with recruiters; it offers a quick, objective administration-light time-saving selection tool. This has contributed to a large uptake in psychometric testing as a sifting tool which is effective at focusing efforts of HR staff when they have hundreds of applications to consider, but is it fair on the job applicant and is it accurate? There are many reasons why one job applicant may score better than another and the ‘perfect’ ability test will not be susceptible to these variances but unfortunately this sifting approach can necessarily discount suitable applicants. For now though I think we will see an increase in the use of psychometric testing.

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    • Admin
      Admin Author April 22, 11:15

      Would you rather only be subjective to the discretion of one interviewer for a job? The only the way to improve is to continuously update these tests and measure them throughout a new recruit job in order to see how successful the psychometric testing is.

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