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Advancing Impact and Status of HR

Applying technology that ensures HR the driver of strategy IPM 55th Annual Conference October 31 2011. Resourcing the future- positioning Africa for success Dr Graham Little PhD MIoD MHRINZ AFNZIM Director and founder of OPD International Limited OPD International Limited, PO Box 36656, Northcote Auckland, New Zealand Phone: +6421909310 Email: web: Paper presented to the Institute of ...Full Article

Social Media and the HR Function – 1st & 2nd of December 2011

Four months ago Vital Training began a survey with our clients about the use of Social Media within HR, asking key questions about the use and application of Social ...Full Article

Global executive headhunting alliance expands to South Africa

The leading global alliance of executive search firms, IRC Global Executive Search Partners, has expanded its presence into South Africa. IRC recently confirmed that it will partner with Cape ...Full Article

Recruitment Meets Communication

Recruiters under the limelight Puseletso Mompei In the process of recruitment, there tends to be a belief that the spotlights sit firmly above the prospective employee. Along with their ...Full Article

HR on Social Media

Harnessing it internally Sam Ford, Director of Digital Strategy Peppercom Strategic Communications Effectively managing human resources across international borders has always been a critical challenge. Today, social media provides ...Full Article

How Media-Ready is your candidate?

By Puseletso Mompei Communication and Media skills were once thought of as a nice-to-have for Managers, Corporate Executives and other business leaders. Those who were blessed with the ‘gift ...Full Article

How Training in South Africa Helps in the Retention of Employees

Many organizations in South Africa are now realising the importance of retaining quality employees. Retaining quality employees adds to an increase in productivity and morale, while reducing the associated ...Full Article

21st Century HR: An Integrated Model To Achieve Organisation Objectives

AUTHORS Dr. G. Little Prof. PS Nel 22nd Annual ANZAM Conference held at Auckland New Zealand 2-5 December 2008 ABSTRACT Human performance as a strategic driver of organisational results ...Full Article

How does Training in South Africa Help in Organisations

Conventional ‘training’ in organisations is required to cover essential work-related skills, techniques and knowledge in South Africa. Majority of the article deals with taking a positive progressive approach to ...Full Article

Advantages of Training in South Africa

Staying competitive is the key to sustainability in any organisation operating in South Africa. Training your staff in organisations, keeping them motivated and up-to-date with industry trends and new ...Full Article