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Advancing Impact and Status of HR

Advancing Impact and Status of HR

Advancing Impact and Status of HR
September 21
08:12 2011


To advance the impact and status of HR the HR practitioner must implement in their organisation the OPD theory or some equivalent system .
The system must provide managers similar quality, scientifically sound processes, offering clearly defined reproducible inputs that achieve reproducible improvements in results.
HR must then partner those managers in achieving consistent and sustainable improved human performance in their team.


“The OPD-Concept as presented in this paper is a global watershed for social science and in particular for the theory and practice of HR. South Africa has the opportunity to embrace this new and exciting model, to advance the status and impact of HR, and through the better harnessing of its people to take a huge step forward in the wealth and hence health of our communities. HR can lead the way in this economic and social development“.

Dr Pieter S. Nel
Professor of Human Resources Management
Unitec New Zealand
Professor Extraordinarius, School of Management Sciences, UNISA, RSA
E mail: [email protected]

For the future
The OPD theory places HR at the center of the roll out of strategy, making HR crucial in organization success, and a crucial partner of every team leader since by partnering with HR skills and insight in applying the OPD theory the team leader achieves better results than would be otherwise achieved. We can now see deeper linkages and implications. In the free world, community health depends heavily on community wealth.

Community wealth depends on the economy, which in turn depends on the success of the organization in the economy. Organization success via the OPD theory is very much driven by HR success.

We can now make links HR success organisation success economic success community wealth community health: Which can be summarised HR success community development and success. These links are being explored further in theory and practice…but they make intuitive sense since there is only one actor, people, in both organizations and in their homes in the community. Therefore developing people’s minds in the organization must flow into their homes and community, and the financial success within the organisation must flow into community success.

These links are to be explored in a forthcoming book in the redesigning the organization series entitled Building community wealth and health.

In adopting the OPD theory, South African HR can lead the way to the betterment of the South African society.

The fundamental intellectual base and the solution to the question ‘how can we better manage human performance to get better long term results’ is derived almost in total from original thinking done by Graham Little Hence the references are to this work since the great bulk of research and papers simply have nothing of value to say on the question that are framed in this presentation.

There are traditional notations to literature in the papers co-authored with Professor Nel, however for the greater part these are for ‘political’ and ‘acceptability’ reason and had no influence on the actual drafting of the solutions that are offered here.

Nel, P (2010) Private communication. I acknowledge that the global academic community is in the process of re-conceptualising the HR discipline, which has been going on for the last few years. The OPD model, based on the research of Dr. Graham Little, is a solution to the HR questions being raised and is probably of the most logical and thorough intellectual development currently available in the HR field. Given the current intellectual development which culminated in the OPD model, it is noteworthy that the model has been proven with clients in New Zealand who adopted it, since 2008. It is therefore apparent that the OPD approach also entails practical solutions and is probably 10 years ahead of current thinking in this field. The overall conclusion I have reached is that this OPD model and system is an idea whose time has come in the challenging times currently facing businesses globally.

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