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10 Tips For The Perfect Job Interview 

This one is usually the result of reserved candidates going too far the other way, but if it’s a personality issue it’s quite hard to correct because you may not know you’re coming across as brash! While it’s important not to play down your achievements, try and be slightly modest about them without ever make them seem easy for just anyone to accomplish.

6) Not maintaining formality in the job interview

Why it may ruin your job interview:

No matter what the tone of the interview, the dynamic remains the same: the interviewer is in control, and you need to be polite and respectful at all times, maintaining the decorum of the situation. Different interviews have varying levels of formality, but even if the interviewer is being casual and informal, don’t assume you can relax and behave how you would with your friends – it makes you seem a less serious candidate unaware of the situation.

How it can be corrected:

Try to match the tone your interviewer adopts, but don’t step beyond it. If it’s a stuffy environment with no room for humour, then don’t crack a joke. On the other hand, if they are being deliberately informal to help you relax; show you appreciate the effort by dropping the formality a notch.

7) Answering questions without thinking

How it may ruin your job interview:

If you jump straight in to answer a question without thinking your answer through, you’ll end up rambling and, unless you’re very good at blagging, you’re unlikely to impress the interviewer this way.

How it can be corrected:

It’s understandable that you don’t want to leave an awkward pause, but most interviewers would rather you take time out to think of an appropriate time you showed the required skills than for you to list any old thing because you’re under pressure. Ask if it’s okay for you to take a moment to think – don’t take too long, but ensure there will be no pointless ramble.

8) Failing to keep your job interview language formal

How it may ruin your job interview:

This one seems obvious, but if you don’t keep your language formal and appropriate you may end up causing offence and ensuring that you don’t make the impression of an on-the-ball employee.

How it can be corrected:

Don’t try and temper this to the degree that you sound forced and insincere, but ensure that there is no slang in your speech, and steer clear of any references to age, politics or religion.

9) Any Questions? No.

How it may ruin your job interview:

It may seem like an innocent question to give you something to say at the end of the interview, but often the “Do you have any questions about the job” enquiry is designed to test your enthusiasm for the role. Unless they’ve been remarkably detailed in their talking, there’s bound to be something to ask – and if you don’t and your competitor does, guess who seems more excited about the role!

How it can be corrected:

Listen carefully to everything said in the interview, and if a point appears that you’d like more information about, make a mental note to bring it up later. If they’ve been incredibly thorough and there’s nothing to say, you can either ask about when you’ll hear the outcome of the job interview, or turn it into a compliment of how thorough they’ve been!

10) Candidate seems unnervingly desperate (Employ me, pleeeeease!)

How it may ruin your job interview:

This really is quite understandable, especially if it is your dream job or you’re currently unemployed, but unfortunately appearing incredibly needy is a major turn off for employers. It undermines your confidence and makes you seem desperate.

How it can be corrected:

Try to dampen your desperation – appear keen and enthusiastic, but not unnervingly so. Remain cool and calm and let your performance and skills do the talking. Also, make sure you don’t follow up your job interview with endless pestering emails and phone calls – it can really undermine the impression you gave the employers.

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